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Sconce Lighting

Sconce lighting comes in many different styles, making a great decorative piece on all walls.

Sconce lighting refers to light fixtures that are permanently affixed to a wall. The wall acts to support the holders and the beam of the light illuminated by the bulb is directed upwards. Sconces do not have any base on the ground and they depend on the wall for total support. The term applies to both traditional torch lighting and to modern versions of electric powered decorative light fixtures placed on walls.

While these may serve as a reminder of the era where torch and candle lighting illuminated the narrow passageways of ancient castles and city walkways, today’s wall sconces are used in a wide variety of settings. They serve as both functional lighting pieces and decorative statements. As far as placement is concerned, sconce lights are great for stairways, door entries, hallways, corridors, gardens, and more. Some even believe that sconce lighting is a great means of creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Wall sconce lighting works best in pairs or when placed in groups that complement each other. While they’re not generally used as the primary source of lighting in a room, they accent a room in a unique manner that gives them an ambient look and feel. This makes sconce light fixtures ideal for dining rooms, where they’re sometimes even used as the main source of lighting. After all, some people like to dine in a dim atmosphere and wall sconce lights can create a lounge-like look of sorts.

In bedrooms, people sometimes use these for the sake of reading, and even as night lights in certain situations. Others may feature them in a laundry room to add some character to an otherwise boring room.

Candle sconce lighting can be used to accentuate artwork in homes. Oil paintings and other wall decorations greatly benefit from these accent lights. Since the light won’t directly be shining onto these pieces, the colors are slightly influenced and the subtle light adds a charming touch.

One of the things that people like most about sconce light fixtures is the fact that they’re essentially mountable on any wall surface. Whether it’s plastic, iron, rock, brick, wood, tile, or something else, mounting sconce lights never seems to be much of an issue. This makes them ideal for use just about anywhere, and even outside. A clever display of wall scones can really light up a home garden, bringing out the best in the plants and flowers that adorn it.

Every set of sconce lighting fixtures will have specific voltage requirements that you should definitely adhere to. As the logic would dictate, those units that command higher voltage bulbs will emit a brighter beam of light. Those with lower voltage specs will generally give off a dim and ambient look, which is optimal if you’re looking to create a romantic mood in the room.

The height of the wall sconce lights will also have an impact on the way the light looks once it’s emitted. Keep this in mind when you’re placing them on your walls.

When all is said and done, there are many reasons to consider the use of sconce lighting in your home. More than anything else, these fixtures will create an aura in any room that certainly enhances its appeal.