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Outdoor Wall Sconces

A look at some of the most popular forms of outdoor wall sconces.

The types of lighting used in the olden days consisted of torches and candles that lit up the walkways of ancient towns, homes, and castles. These were days where electricity was unheard of and people had to rely on more immediate sources of light like the candles and torches I just mentioned. Amazingly, some of the outdoor wall sconces we have today still resemble these ancient lighting forms with their long and lean torch-like structures.

Today, there are hundreds of different styles of outdoor wall sconces to choose from in many different themes. They can be used to provide a romantic feel and soft lighting touch to any outdoor area. The style of lighting used can determine the specific lighting effect created by these outdoor sconce lights. While there are dozens of different types of outdoor sconces out there, there are a few types that stand out as the best styles to choose from. Any selection should be made based on the durability, suitability and the practicality of the theme to be used outside.

Let’s take a closer look at the themes we have selected.

#1: Contemporary Outdoor Wall Sconces

Since modern wall sconces make use of angular, clean lines, they’re perfect for outdoor use where a simple approach is the best way to create the effect you want. Glass, brass, and pewter wall scones are great in these settings, as they can withstand the harsh elements of outdoor weather without being damaged or tarnished. Modern designs primarily make use of chrome finishing and glass diffusers, which can lend an aura of luxury and elegance to any garden décor.

#2: Outdoor Mission Style Lighting

The mission style theme focuses on sturdy and simple designs that make use of natural materials to create a unique look. This style began as an alternative to the heavy ornamental designs of the Victorian Era. The simplicity and the sleek, clean lines of this theme make it ideal for outdoor use.

#3: Outdoor Wrought Iron Lighting

Wrought iron wall sconces are excellent decorations for outdoor areas and create a very natural and harmonious look when combined with elements of nature. Wrought iron is particularly captivating when placed alongside areas with flowers and green plants. Wall sconces occasionally feature intricate sculptures of animals such as deer and horses.  They can also consist of interesting shapes such as pine cones and flower sculptures, making walls sconces ideal for the garden or the outdoors. Wrought iron makes one of the most beautiful forms of outdoor sconce lighting, which is why you’ll see so many of these available for sale in stores..

#4: Traditional Outdoor Wall Sconces

This theme normally features curved, gentle lines comprising these wall fixtures. Typically made from solid brass or pewter, these remain largely popular despite the fact that they’ve been around for ages. The combination of metal with soft muted of glass colors will create a very relaxing and pleasant lighting form that the whole family can enjoy.

#5: Transitional

The transitional theme lingers somewhere between the classic statement of traditional design and the interesting touches of the contemporary design. This is another great choice of outdoor wall sconces for the modern home.