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Murray Feiss Outdoor Lighting

Murray Feiss outdoor lighting is a top brand in the world of landscape, garden, patio, path, and exterior house lights.

While interior lighting is a standard feature in all properties, people can give less consideration to lighting the outdoor areas of their homes. However, it can be an attractive addition to a property which can be both practical and decorative. Murray Feiss outdoor lighting is an option to choose when considering the lighting for exterior areas of a home and this comes in a variety of styles.

Murray Feiss has been in the lighting business for more than 50 years now. Starting out by producing porcelain figure lamps, the company now manufactures and retails a full range of lighting for the indoor and outdoor areas of a home. The Murray Feiss outdoor lighting range has a number of lighting types and this includes wall mounted lamps, fixed and hanging ceiling mounted lights and post mounted lanterns. These come in traditional and more contemporary styles and the wide range available provides plenty of choice.

Using outdoor lighting by Murray Feiss can have a few advantages and first and foremost the attractive styles available can add to the look of a home. It can help to make the outdoor areas such as patios, porches and decks more welcoming. However it is also a practical style of lighting and enables the areas to be used more comfortably in the evening hours of darkness. It can also be a safety feature which makes a trip or accident less likely and in areas such as driveways and garden paths can make these more easily seen and used when it is dark.

Some of the options available when considering the use of Murray Feiss outdoor lighting include hanging lanterns which are available in traditional and more modern styles. The English Bridle collection is a more traditional looking light with a brass and glass lamp which holds a small candelabra with four lights. It is designed to create an old world, stately home look and can easily be installed in a porch or patio.

The ceiling mounted Murray Feiss outdoor lighting fixtures include a variety of circular and square lamps. The Mission Lodge light, for example, is a modern style featuring a square brushed aluminum box with textured glass inserts and can create a contemporary look. The wall mounted fixtures also come in traditional and modern styles and include decorative metal and glass style lanterns.

For driveways, garden footpaths and fenced areas the Murray Feiss lighting range includes post mounted lamps. Both lanterns and posts are available, with traditional styles such as the Cotswold Lane Collection and more contemporary looking styles such as the Dakota Collection being available.

There are a number of dealers across the country that have Murray Feiss outdoor lighting for sale. A list of these by state and city is provided on the Murray Feiss website and this includes phone numbers and addresses. The cost of the outdoor lighting from Murray Feiss starts at less than $100, although the price can rise to around $850 for some of the lamps available. Price will largely depend on the style and the material used in manufacture.

Lighting the exterior areas of a home can be a decorative and practical addition to a home. For those considering it, the Murray Feiss outdoor lighting range is one to consider and this has plenty of options for attractive lanterns and lighting fixtures to enhance the outdoor areas of a home.