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Modern Pendant Lighting

The world of modern pendant lighting includes a wealth of contemporary lamps and lights that bring unique designs to any room.

There are a variety of lighting styles that can be used in a home, with most people having their own preference as to the particular type they like to use. Pendant lights are a common style used by many homeowners and these can be installed to create an attractive centerpiece for a room. For those that like contemporary styling, modern pendant lighting is an option to think about and there are a number of manufacturers that produce this style these days.

Pendant lighting is typically a style of ceiling light fixture. It generally features a hanging wire or chain from which the light bulb and pendant lampshade is suspended. It can be an effective style of lighting to use as it enables the light to be set at a height that will create lighting to enhance the mood of a room. The length of the wire or chain can usually be adjusted to change the spread of light into the room from the pendant lampshade and this means the lighting can easily be altered to suit the requirements of the homeowner.

Pendant lighting has been used in homes for many years and is a traditional style. However modern pendant lighting typically makes use of contemporary materials and simple styles to put a more up-to-date twist on the style. In most cases a modern pendant lampshade is fairly minimalist in style, less ornate and smaller in size when compared to more traditional pendants. However, contemporary pendant lights can be found in a variety of shapes and styles and can be attractive fixtures that can be used to create a simple centerpiece for a room.

If modern pendant lighting is something that you would like to use in your home there are many styles available. There are a few manufacturers that produce the style of lighting with Inmod being one of these. They produce and retail a range of contemporary pendant lights with the cost for these varying from less than $100 for more affordable examples to closer to $3,000 for some of their more expensive models. One of their simplest and most affordable designs is the Cagliari Pendant. This features a small pendant based on the shape of a champagne glass and is available for $60. The pendant is manufactured from colored glass and is available in black, red, green or white.

Other locations to look for modern pendant lighting include online retailers such as Interior Deluxe and All Modern Lighting and also in-store locations such as IKEA and Lowes. These have a range of designs available from a number of manufacturers such as Bel Air Lighting and George Kovacs.

Creating a contemporary style in a home can be an attractive look and there are various fixtures which can be used to produce the style. Modern pendant lighting is an example of this and with the choice available on the market these days most consumers should be able to find a look that suits their taste and coordinates with the interior design of their home.