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Modern Chandelier Lighting

Modern chandelier lighting is an exquisite touch, blending antique and contemporary styles in ceiling fixtures, pendant lights, and lamps.

Chandeliers have been used as a method of lighting properties for hundreds of years. While in times past they were more commonly associated with higher quality properties such as palaces and stately homes, this is no longer the case. Modern chandelier lighting can be found in a variety of styles and sizes and can be an attractive feature to add to any home.

Traditional chandeliers typically featured a number of arms holding lights which were arranged around a central hanging column. While this style is still widely available, modern chandelier lighting can be found in a variety of other shapes and forms. These can be used to create the high quality look of chandelier lighting in a more contemporary way.

An example of a modern chandelier lighting style is a linear chandelier. This typically features a single crossbar which hangs down by one or more wires. The lighting itself either hangs down or stands up from the crossbar and it is a contemporary looking chandelier. It can be a suitable style for a dining room where it can be installed to provide lighting for a table, although it can also be used in other rooms also. There are a few manufacturers that produce this style of chandelier with some of these including Murray Feiss and Progress Lighting and the cost will typically depend on the size of the chandelier and the construction material. The Progress Lighting Antique Bronze 3 Light Linear Chandelier (P4282-20) is one of the more affordable on the market, costing around $140 and features 3 white etched glass lampshades on a bronze hanging fixture.

Another style of contemporary chandelier lighting is the baton chandelier. This features a number of batons with lights on each end which are hung together to create an attractive effect. LBL Lighting produces a good example of this style which costs around $1,200. It features thin metal batons with frosted glass lights. The batons are hung from wires to produce a finished look which is as much a work of art as it is a practical lighting fixture.

Other styles of modern chandelier lighting can include pendant chandeliers where a number of pendant lampshades are hung from wires or chains. In this style the wires or chains can be of varying length to create a more interesting look and the Bocca 14 Series Seven Pendant Chandelier is an example of this. It features glass spheres set on a brushed nickel hanging fixture and can be found on the market for around $2240.

Modern chandelier lights can be found for sale in a few locations and online lighting stores can be some of the best places to find them. Retailers such as Lumens, Interior Deluxe and Lighting Universe are some of those to consider for a more modern style of chandelier.

To create a contemporary look for a room, modern chandelier lighting is one of the options to consider. Chandeliers have been used for hundreds of years and are generally considered a high quality style of lighting. A modern chandelier is a simple way to put a contemporary twist on a traditional lighting style that can be an attractive addition to a room.