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Hanging Light Fixtures

Hanging light fixtures present a great alternative to traditional recessed ceiling lights, including pendant, track, and chandelier lighting.

Lighting is a feature that all properties need and there are plenty of choices as to the styles available. This means that lighting can be selected to match in with the décor of a room and an attractive style to choose is hanging light fixtures. These can bring a classy look to a home and there are a few different styles available.

Ceiling lighting is common in most rooms in a property and while some styles are designed to fix directly to the ceiling, others are set to hang down on a length of wire or chain. Hanging light fixtures can be a decorative feature in a room and the advantage of using them is that the light can be set at the most suitable height to meet the lighting needs of the room. Being able to adjust the height of a hanging lighting fixture means that the spread of the light around a room can be better controlled and the light can easily be adjusted to set up the best lighting conditions. However it is important to take into account the height of the occupants of the property when doing this to ensure a hanging light is not an annoyance for taller people.

There are a few different types of hanging light fixtures available with pendant lighting being a common example. Pendant lamp shades can come in a variety of styles and some of these include downlights, bowls, drum shades and island pendants. These can be produced in a range of materials from glass to metal and fabric and are suitable fixtures for a number of rooms in the home.

Pendant hanging lights can be found for sale at a few locations with the online retailer Simply Pendant Lighting being one of these. They have a few different styles available, with the price for these starting at under $100. The Pewter Mini Pendant Light is an example of this, costing around $42 to purchase. This features a white marbled glass mini downlight with a pewter rod hanger. More expensive hanging lighting fixtures can cost up to $500. The Cherry Blossom Hanging Fixture is an example of this. It is available for $500 and features a Tiffany art glass lampshade with a chain hanger.

Another style of hanging lighting that can be used is a chandelier. These hanging light fixtures have been used in large homes and mansions for many years, although these days they are available for any size of home. Chandelier hanging lights have a central column around which a number of arms with lights are arranged. They can be produced using common materials such as metal and crystal, although can also be found for sale in more unusual materials such as deer antler and coral. Chandeliers generally bring a higher quality look to a home and for this reason many people like to use them.

Chandelier lighting fixtures can be found in a variety of retailers. Home Depot has them available from manufacturers such as Hampton Bay, Thomasville Lighting and Progress Lighting. The cost will typically depend on the size of the light and the material used in its manufacture. More affordable styles can be found for less than $50 with the Hampton Bay 5 Light Chandelier costing around $40 to purchase. At the more expensive end of the market chandelier lighting can cost up to $1,500 and greater to purchase.

Hanging light fixtures can add a decorative touch to a home. They are attractive and practical lighting features to use and with the various types available can easily be coordinated with most styles of home décor.