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Contemporary Wall Sconces

Contemporary wall sconces make the perfect lighting element in modern homes.

Contemporary wall sconces are usually made of plastic, brass, pewter, tiffany glass, or crystal. There are many different modern styles and influences that you’ll find when shopping for these, and we’re going to take a quick look at a few of the features and benefits you’ll find from this lighting form.

A far cry from the ancient torches and candles of yesteryear, today’s modern wall sconces feature a dazzling array of shapes and styles to suit into every imaginable theme for a modern home. The materials used to create contemporary wall candle sconces are varied as well, ranging from basic brass structures all the way to exclusive crystal sculptures.

The contemporary lines of these lighting fixtures will always feature new and exciting designs that keep up with the times so that anyone who buys these has a cutting edge decorative piece. They’ll typically have a minimalist feel to them with sleek lines, and few adornments, but following the less is more mantra, this definitely seems to be the case here. Metal and glass are typically used in a unique fashion, resulting in a great showcase piece on any wall.

As far as the mechanics behind these are concerned, sconce lights provide a soft, glowing light that radiates from the bulb inside the wall fixtures. The materials of these holders are carefully architected so that the look and feel created by them is entirely unique to a room.

Sconces with mica, glass, and even fabric will diffuse any light that shines through them, and the lighting effect they create is also said to be a soft glow. This is great for those looking to create a romantic ambiance and you’ll typically find them in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even outside in gardens and other outdoor areas. While many sconces use candles, there are also contemporary wall sconces that have halogen or xenon bulbs. These emit a strong white light that ends up being ideal for things like studying, cooking in the kitchen, or any other atmospheres that may benefit from bright lighting.

The size of the modern wall sconces is highly varied. Measurements can range from ones that are merely a few inches tall to huge fixtures that come in the form of tall wall torchieres resembling the ancient torches used in Medieval times, only with a modern touch.

Many choose to use contemporary wall sconces to light up hallways and entryways, and others like to use them to line staircases. This gives off a warm and relaxing feel to the area. Sometimes there’s an issue with this placement though. When lining sconce candle holders along stairways, the glare of the bulb can sometimes be distracting. To help diffuse the bright light, you can use metal diffusers.

To begin searching for contemporary wall sconces, start looking online before anywhere else.  Not only will this give you a good feel for the prices you should expect to pay, but you’ll be exposed to some of the many great styles out there.  Don’t be afraid to invest the time necessary before finding the perfect fixtures.  After all, there’s a good chance you’ll be hanging onto these for quite some time.