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Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

Contemporary bathroom lighting blends stylish modern light fixtures with the utility of brightness, with ceiling, vanity, mirror lights and more.

The bathroom tends to be a functional room which needs to be set out in a practical manner. However, most people still want it to be attractive and will use fixtures to create a decorative look. For those looking to create a modern design, there is a wide range of contemporary bathroom lighting on the market and this can be an attractive and practical style of lighting fixture.

The majority of contemporary bathroom lighting tends to be fairly minimalist in style and is basic in shape and form. Metal, plastic and glass tend to be the materials of choice as these can be used to create clean, sharp lines which has a modern feel to it. Both wall and ceiling mounted lighting is available and can be used to provide attractive and functional lighting in a bathroom.

While the look of contemporary lighting for a bathroom is obviously important in creating a modern style, it is also important to ensure that it is functional and can provide enough light to suit the needs of the householder. To be effective bathroom lighting typically needs to be bright and this is especially the case for vanity lighting fixtures around a mirror. This is typically an area used for personal grooming and making sure there is adequate lighting to see well while shaving or applying makeup is important. Therefore when considering contemporary bathroom lighting in the home, as much consideration should be given to the practicality as to the look of the light.

For those looking to use contemporary bathroom lighting in their home there are a number of locations where it can be found for sale. The widest selection is typically available at online lighting stores with retailers such as Arcadian Lighting and Lighting Universe being a couple of those to consider. However there are also in-store locations to find contemporary lighting for a bathroom with Bed, Bath and Beyond being a store to consider.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce contemporary bathroom lighting. Quoizel Lighting is one of these and their lighting can be found for sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The Quoizel Taylor Bath Fixture with 3 Lights is available for around $138 and features a rectangular back panel on which a horizontal metal bar with 3 lights is affixed.

Other manufacturers of contemporary bathroom lights include Access Lighting, Lite Source and Maxim Lighting. Costs can start at less than $100 for more affordable lights with the Access Lighting Modern Wall Sconce being an example of this. It is available for around $65 and is a rectangular frosted glass plate with chrome accents. More expensive modern bathroom lighting can rise in price to $1,000 and more, with cost typically depending on brand name, style and the material of manufacture.

Creating a clean, modern look in a bathroom can be an effective and attractive style. There is a range of contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures that can help to produce the look and with the variety of choice available, most people should be able to find a style that suits their taste and matches the interior d├ęcor of their bathroom.